About Just Management

Founded in 1979, Just Management Corporation has established a record of excellence in the industry as an owner/manager with a portfolio of over 3,500 residential units in the New York metropolitan area. Its success in serving the private market not only earned a reputation of excellence for Just, but generated requests from other owners and developers, and more recently cooperative and condominium boards, to open its door and set a quality standard of service that is desperately lacking in the residential marketplace.

Just’s highly qualified experienced staff has fostered a style of progressive management unique to the industry. As an owner/developer, Just has initiated, supervised and coordinated successful conversions of numerous apartment buildings to co-op and condo ownership.

The most important measure of our management quality is calculated on the basis of client satisfaction. At Just, we pride ourselves on being responsive to building residents and focus on the ways in which our management programs improve the quality of life in a building. We place a special emphasis on ways to increase the profitability of a building and anchor its value in the very competitive residential property marketplace. At Just, our management operative and accounting staff is always available to the boards and shareholders. The expertise given by the Just Management principals as a result of the above mentioned conversions, plus our participation is the same from inception is a natural advantage that we offer to the co-op shareholders and boards.