Property Management

JUST PROPERTY MANAGEMENT provides a custom-designed program that includes a complete package of management activities:

Monthly Operating Statement
Each month, we will prepare a fmancial report which includes your building's annual operating budget, your income and expense statement, collection report, cash disbursement report, invoices received and payroll expenses. In addition, we will provide an end of the month update to inform you about open bills.

Monthly Management Report
The monthly management report issued to you will include a summary of your building's financial and legal status as well as an update on the physical condition of the property.

Monthly Meeting Plan
Just will assist the board in planning for the monthly meeting. In addition to actively participating at the monthly meeting, Just will serve as an information resource, providing support and advice on important matters and issues confronting the board.

Continuous On-Site Building Visits
Each week, or as required, our management team will visit the building and inspect the grounds to check for potential problems.

Code Compliance
Complying with the numerous and complex rules and regulations governing cooperative housing requires accurate record-keeping procedures and organizational skills. Just monitors schedules of inspections and other actions necessary for making timely inspections and for filing required documents to governmental agencies.

Energy Management Programs
Just will consult with your board about the ways to conserve energy and cut costs for your building. We will make recommendations for renovations or alterations that will help improve your building's energy efficiency.

A Comprehensive Property Management Audit
The way a building operates, the way it looks, the ease with which its residents use its facilities and the bottom line profitability of the property and its individual units are the criteria for establishing a management plan for a property.

At Just, our first step in developing a quality management program for your property is to conduct a comprehensive audit. Our evaluation includes an assessment of the property from a variety of perspectives: building operations and systems, finance, communication and staff. Our preliminary evaluation, conducted in concert with the board's consultation, helps us to put in place an accountable property management plan which sets realistic short and long-term goals for a property.

Our comprehensive evaluation includes an assessment of the following:

The Useful Life of a Property’s Operating System. In many cases, supported by engineering and architectural consultants, an evaluation of the interior building systems, including heating plants and air conditioning systems, elevators, incineration and compaction systems, among others, is conducted to determine the present efficiency of the systems and their projected useful life.

The Visual Appearance of a Property. A property's appearance, from its lobby and halls to lower level facilities such as laundry rooms and garages, is a key ingredient in its formula for achieving its management goals. Often described in terms of a building's quality of life, the visual appearance of a property is its first asset. Just conducts a systematic inspection of all of the building's areas and identifies weaknesses and potential areas for improvement and takes the necessary step to improve appearance of property.

The Useful Life of the Property’s Exterior Envelope and Grounds. An extensive inspection of the building's exterior envelope, from roof to basement, is conducted to determine the current state of the envelope and its future repair and maintenance needs. Evaluation of adjoining building grounds and other exterior common space is part of our examination to determine ways to improve a building's use and its security systems.

Immediate and Future Capital Improvement Programs. Based on our audit of a property, a short-term and long-term capital improvement program is proposed. The capital improvement plan is an important component in ensuring a property's physical health. All capital improvement programs require careful planning and their implementation are contingent on a property's financial resources and reserves. Unexpected major repairs serve to unsettle a property's fiscal base and undermine its overall profitability and position in the comparable marketplace.

Building Staff Productivity and Efficiency. Just's management team will evaluate the building staffs productivity and efficiency and match those needs with the present staffs productivity and efficiency. On the basis of our evaluation, recommendations are made to strengthen existing staff performance by identifying job description, in-house training and performance evaluation and reduce staff costs via cost-effective labor alternatives.

Shareholder Relations. The way in which building residents, its board and the building's staff and management professionals interact is another important factor in the building's operating success. An assessment of the present relationships among these groups is made and suggestions for improvement are proposed.

Communication Networks.Reliable, timely and accurate information and the way it is disseminated are the keys to good management. How the communication networks within a property are defined and how they work are the focus of Just's evaluation in this important area.

Financial Management. Just's management team evaluates every aspect of a property's financial management system: The monthly income and expense report, reserve funds, existing mortgages, the current tax base, tax benefit and exemption programs, insurance policies, 80/20 requirements. With this and other information provided by the building's attorney and accountant, a financial management plan is proposed.

Financial Management Programs. The management of all of the building's finances generated from cash reserves and other profit sources is another part of our management responsibilities. Just knows that making the right financial decisions for your building will determine your profitability. The Just team of experts has the necessary knowledge to advise you and help you to generate income through vehicles of proper investment into reserve funds.

Consultation for Evaluating Building Systems. With the assistance of a professional engineer or architect, Just will evaluate all building systems, noting recommendations for maintenance or replacement of inefficient systems.

Evaluation and Implementation of Security Systems. Management will do a walk through security evaluation and provide the board with a written report detailing the security needs of your building and making recommendations for change.

Insurance and Mortgage Refinancing Reviews. Our management team will be responsible for analyzing your building's current financing and insurance needs and make recommendations for cost effective changes.

24-Hour Emergency Service
A management professional will be available for emergencies on a 24-hour basis to respond to any problems you or your residents may have through our 24-hour answering service.